St Augustine's Church - Opening for Private Prayer.

We are delighted to be opening for private prayer on SUNDAY 21ST JUNE FROM 10AM UNTIL 12.30. Thank you to the 4 volunteers who will be free to steward the Church (as we need 2 stewards at all times under the regulations) so this is our first trial. We have no idea how many will want to visit so please be prepared to wait a little while as we have surprisingly limited space, even in a church as large as ours! *Please do not visit if you have any potential COVID symptoms & please observe social distancing in all areas, inside and out. We have hand sanitiser as you enter and leave the church - using our one way system - and please sit in the middle of the open pews so we can still use our central and side aisles with the 2 metre space. (Sorry that no toilet facilities, church shop or votive candles are available). We look forward to welcoming you for private prayer as individuals or households/bubbles. God bless you all. Fr Frank. Apart, yet (nearly back) together.   #ChurchAtHome    #FirstStepsBackToChurch

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