A Christmas Message to you all from Fr Frank

My dear friends, during the past year many great events have taken place in our Parish culminating in us hosting the local council’s first, ecumenical, Carol Service which took place last week in our car park! 
Like any Parish, the population is continually changing 
but we continue to have a very vibrant community here. 
I wish to thank all the people who did so much for our community during the past 12 months especially during the difficult time of losing our dear Deacon Peter who was an inspiration to us all. May he rest in Peace.
As we approach the season of goodwill my prayer for all of us is that this community will continue to thrive during the forthcoming year. 
While the Priests are in charge of the parish, nothing can happen without the goodwill of the laity.
We congratulate you all on helping us to have such a wonderful year and
on behalf of Fr Jim, myself and the Deacons I wish you all God’s blessings.

Christmas services within our Parishes in Communion 2018

Family Christmas Vigil Masses on Monday 24th December:
3.30pm-Our Lady of Lourdes
6.00pm-St Paul’s
6.00pm-St Augustine’s

Carols followed by “Midnight Mass”:
9.00pm-St Augustine’s then 'Early Midnight' Mass
11.30pm-St Paul’s   

Mass of Christmas Day:
9.00am-St Lawrence
9.00am-Our Lady of Lourdes
10.30am - St Augustine’s
11.00am–St Paul’s