Counselling - Visiting

GENERAL COUNSELLINGSome services are available through the Parish. If you feel you have a need for counselling, please contact Fr Frank.

PRISON VISITORSThe aim of this service is to fulfil the gospel message ‘I was in prison and you visited me.’Ashfield Prison is situated in Pucklechurch. A team of parishioners currently assists Fr Frank in the work undertaken with offenders. Some join the men for Mass on Fridays in the prison chapel, and others visit the prison wings on a Wednesday evening.

HOSPITAL VISITINGIf you or a family member are in hospital and require an urgent visit from a Priest, please ask the Ward Manager to contact the Priest on call using the hospital 'pager' system. There is a rota in place to cover all the Bristol hospitals 24 hours a day. They will not automatically do this for you... only on request.

Journey in Faith - Roman Catholic's In Action!

It is vital that we hand on the Faith to our children and to our friends. Growth is necessary and we live to evangelise, plus we have various tools to hand on the Faith…

It is good to prepare for Holy Mass by praying through the Scriptural readings in the Lectionary - this helps our understanding and also helps to dispel distractions when we come to Mass - so we meet to share together the Sunday readings. There is a friendly atmosphere where questions are encouraged, and people’s views can be aired and discussed. It aims to assist in the ongoing formation of existing Catholics, teaching them more about their faith, and helping them to build a closer relationship with God.

In the past ,the sessions included talks, with each of a team of different speakers contributing each term. After the talk, there is a break for refreshments, followed by an informal discussion over aspects of the talk.

If you know of anyone who would like to know more about the Catholic Church, please let Deacon Michael & Fr Frank know. Individual preparation can be given to suit the enquirer's needs.