Possible reopening of the Church for public Mass

We are working hard on our plans for the possible reopening of the Church for Mass and wish to keep everyone informed. 
Please pass this information on to anyone who may not have access to our website.
We are PROPOSING these Mass times to the Diocese:
Monday – Private Mass only
Tuesday – 7.30pm Mass
Wednesday – Private Mass only
Thursday – 7.30pm Mass
Friday - 7.30pm Mass
Saturday – 6pm Mass
Sunday – 9.30am Mass - all at St Augustine's Church.
(We would cease the opening for private prayer.)

There are very many things to put in place before we will be given permission to begin. If only it was a simple process!

ONLY IF we have enough volunteers to steward each Public Mass (2 people) and ONLY if we have enough volunteers to sanitise the church after Friday evening and Saturday evening Masses we will be given permission to start public worship once again. Please contact the parish office by phone or email if you can help with either of these roles. (Thank you to those who have volunteered to steward so far.)
We hope to have more information from Thursday of this week.

Please remember that there is NO Sunday obligation during this time so be aware that we will be asking people to consider attending a weekday Mass in order to keep to our numbers within capacity.
We apologise that it is not yet safe to accommodate everyone back to St Augustine’s due to capacity or health/shielding reasons. However, the joining of Mass online, whilst not a substitution, is a way of keeping in spiritual communion with God during these unprecedented times.
During this period I have been watching various Masses from the Vatican and elsewhere in the world and everyone points out that Holy Mass is still so important to us all. I have faithfully celebrated Mass every morning since the lockdown began and I have prayed for all of you. I will continue to do so during these difficult times.
God bless you all. Canon Frank.
Apart, yet together.  #ChurchAtHome

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