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Sacramental life

The purpose of this programme is to prepare parents who present their children for Baptism to understand and accept their responsibilities, and the importance of their role in the development of the child’s faith.

The programme covers an explanation of the Rite of Baptism, explanation of the way the child will be prepared, a visit to the church to view the baptismal font, and a mini rehearsal of the sacred liturgy. A baptism video may also be shown.

You can help your child or Godchild in the development of their faith and understanding of the Christian life.

Baptism preparation is flexible and is arranged to suit the needs and the availability of individual parents. For details contact Fr Frank..

We aim to fill the hearts of our young candidates with a zeal for the faith and a deep love of the Faith. This is a wonderful opportunity to hand on knowledge about the Church and her teachings, to give our youngsters a good spiritual grounding to help them as they advance through the challenges of secondary school and university. Their Faith will be subjected to many attacks, and the greater their knowledge, and the deeper their appreciation of the Sacraments, the stronger they will be.

The Confirmation retreat in 2009

The Bishop organises the Confirmation dates, which can be annual or every other year. Once this is known, the next group of candidates are ‘gathered together!’

The group of candidates for confirmation then meet weekly in term time for a few months led by a team of catechists. The course usually includes a day or weekend away on retreat.

You can help by volunteering to assist as a catechist for our next course. If you are interested in this for future years, please speak to Fr Frank. If you are unable to do this, then please pray for the young people, and for us.


Candidates in 2011 after making their 1st Confession

We all need to acknowledge our sins and bring them to Almighty God in confession, in order to restore our relationship with Him. Every time we come to Confession we encounter the love that flows from the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and we experience His Divine Mercy and forgiveness. This is the message that we try to get across to our children who are preparing to make their first Confession.

Preparation for First Confession and First Communion takes place on a Sunday. The year 3` children come together once a week in the months before they receive these sacraments under the guidance of a team of catechists, in order to find out the true meaning of the sacraments.

We ask everyone in the parish to pray for the children as they prepare for their first confession, and we hope and pray that our children will make regular confessions throughout their lives. We also encourage parents and catechists to go to confession frequently to encourage our children by this good example.

Receiving Our Lord Jesus Christ, Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity in Holy Communion, is indescribably powerful and moving. Every child should remember the day of his or her first reception of this life-changing gift, for the rest of their lives. As adults, we should strive to receive Jesus Christ in Holy Communion with the same devotion as a child on their first Holy Communion. In our preparation course, we explore the deeper realities behind the miracle of the Mass, and begin to open up the door to this mystery. Children have a great capacity for transcendence, and we do not patronise them but hope to open their eyes to something wonderful, and something they will need to learn more about as they grow older.

Preparation for First Confession and First Communion is no longer done in the School. The `year 3` children come together once a month, after Sunday  Mass in the 9 months before they receive these sacraments, under the guidance of a team of catechists, in order to understand the true meaning of the sacraments.

You can help us if your child is due to make his or her first Confession and Communion, by volunteering to become a catechist. We ask everyone in the parish to pray for the children and for us.

We meet monthly from October until the weekend of receiving the 1st Holy Communion. Applications are open usually from to end of July To find out more contact Deacon Mike Belt.


Marriage preparation is conducted by the Priest or Deacon performing the marriage ceremony, and is done to suit the particular needs of the couple being married. In addition, the celebrant may recommend a one-day course run by Marriage Care.

For further details talk to the Priest or the Deacon conducting the ceremony.

Children's Liturgy of the Word during Mass

The aim of CLOW is to provide the children of the Parish with the Gospel presented at a level appropriate to their age group, and an opportunity to discuss what it means and how it is applicable to their own life.

There are two age groups, Pre-Schoolers and early Infants and then the older infant and juniors. The children are escorted from the church to the Parish Hall at the beginning of Mass, and are returned for the offertory. Each group hears the Gospel, or one of the readings from Mass at their own level. They talk about it and have an activity such as colouring a picture, which they take with them back to church and to their families.

You can help by volunteering to help with any of the groups on a rota basis, (Training will be given to ensure you comply with our safeguarding practices and all team members are cleared under the DBS system) or by helping with the administration tasks such as photocopying.

There are no regular meetings, but teams of Catechists from the rota sometimes meet to plan their sessions. For further details contact the parish office.