Message from Fr Jim at St Lawrence:

"Dear All. As you are no doubt aware we now have the opportunity to open up churches for private prayer as from Monday 15th June. This is excellent news but it comes with a heavy duty of responsibility to ensure the safety of everyone coming into the church buildings and coming into contact with surfaces within them, also the requirement to fully cleanse the church every day. To this end the diocese has issued Premises Inspection Checklist a) COVID-19 Premises Reopening For Private Prayer Checklist and b) COVID-19 Policy & Risk Assessment. (Links are available on the Website for you to inspect.) In order to open our churches these checklists have to be signed off by the Diocese Office and our compliance will affect the likelihood of opening later for the celebration of mass. In order to open up we need two volunteers to be always present during prayer times to ensure hand cleansing and social distancing are observed. At least one of these volunteers must have had some safeguarding training which is available as on online course, but does not need to have a DBS certificate. (Details can be sought at An important introductory document on Safeguarding has also been published by the diocese, this is essential reading for all prospective volunteers. There will be a link to this on the website also. My hope is to first to get St Lawrence open for prayer as often as possible depending on the availability of volunteers and to open St Paul’s for private prayer for a few hours on Sunday mornings, again depending on voluntary ‘stewards’ being able to help. Please pass on the message to any who you think may be able to help. I hope to bring some good news to you next week. God bless. Keep safe. Fr Jim."
If anyone is healthy & well, not in any vulnerable group and willing to help with volunteering at any of our Parishes in Communion Churches, please contact Fr Frank or Fr Jim to discuss.
Apart, yet together. #ChurchAtHome

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