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Today marks the memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows. Dating back to the 12th century, this feast date is dedicated to the spiritual martyrdom of Mary, her compassion, and the sufferings of her Divine Son, Jesus. 

Radio Bristol shared this amazing photo today, taken by a viewer, of the stunning sunrise in our lovely city.

Please help spread the word about our wonderful Primary School to anyone with children of school age. The open days start soon to look round the brilliant facilities - appointments needed. Call the school to register.

In this season of Creationtide, remember to pray for the recovery of the planet and for those whose lives are made difficult by economic or environmental pressures.
What else can we do to help?
Another idea is to donate an item to our local foodbank... see the poster below for details of what is needed and where to drop your donation.

Office space available in Bishopston, Bristol, close to the Gloucester Road! A great alternative to working from home: Offices for one person up to a small team. We have the perfect space for you! Get in touch for info" CLICK HERE to go to their website

Our Parishioner, Clare Davis, who is a trainer for mental health first aid in the workplace, has set up a "Mental Health Chats" channel on youtube. It features discussions with experts, information, and tips on healthy wellbeing.

(Find it here to watch and subscribe)
*Be aware that this post includes the topic of suicide*
We are sharing this discussion she posted from August, in which she chats to another of our parishioners, Sue Mulrenan, an emergency ambulance care assistant, about the subject of suicide and what we could do if ever faced with the prospect of someone who is contemplating taking their own life. As our parish project this year is 'Grassroots', the suicide prevention charity, and following the widespread success of suicide prevention day, we are keen to promote groups and services that offer assistance with healthy wellbeing wherever we can.

Apart, yet together. #ChurchAtHome

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