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The UK Papal visit
To mark the tenth anniversary of Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to the UK, Cardinal Vincent Nichols, President of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, has shared his memories of the historic four-day visit.

The Apostolic Journey took place from 16 to 19 September 2010.
“There are many highlights that stand out in my mind. One was the drive down the great road approaching Buckingham Palace – The Mall – decorated on either side with papal flags and Union Jacks. Packed with people on both sides.
"It was a sight I thought I would never see. A warm, rapturous welcome to the Pope of Rome in this country, which has, for the last 400 years, struggled with its understanding of its relationship to the Catholic Church.”
How many of us were able to see the Pope while he was here?
Our Diocese 'put a coach on' to see Pope Benedict in Birmingham - a wet day, an early start but a fantastic event to be at! We would love you to share your memories of the visit with us...

Bulletins for this coming weekend:

The Global Catholic Climate Movement:

"Would you like to take care of the environment but don't know how to start? On the occasion of the #SeasonOfCreation we are sharing with you 10 saints whose passion and love for God's creation can motivate you to take action for our common home.
Which Saint would you ask for his or her intercession and advice?"

Thank you to Bella for another lovely Reflection.
"Hello again, hoping all are well and safe despite the fears of an increase in the virus we are in God's hands and he knows what he is doing. 
I invite you to really thank God for the beauty of the world, and for all the good that is being achieved, all the kindness and neighbourliness, and for our sincere repentance for all the less good things we have discovered and have been tolerating. There is so much that is positive going on in this Season of Creation.  I enclose lots of things to read and think about, and some ideas of what we can do. This is a real Kairos moment or moment of opportunity.
The Bishops of England and Wales issued this important statement for the Season of Creation:
There is a variety of resources on the Diocesan website for personal prayer and use in groups:
There is an entire page on the Diocesan website dedicated to reflections on Laudato Si:
The Pope has also been using his weekly Wednesday audiences, at first socially restricted to the Vatican Library but streamed worldwide, to teach us about healing the world in this time of Coronavirus. It is a series that begins on 2nd August and continues even now. The theme of the Pope's development of Laudato Si is Jubilee, and he is about to bring out another Encyclical, Tutti Fratelli, which in Italian means all are brothers and sisters, which means all life on earth.
These are very exciting times, but we are only just in time if we react right now, as David Attenborough told us, with many other notable experts in his film this week, Extinction The Facts.
This is a profoundly moving, positive, hopeful and motivating analysis of the things happening in our world, and how we can stop it getting worse. I was in tears from start to finish.  It deals effectively with many of the arguments about what we can and must do. 
Parliament is also going to debate importantly the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill which you can read about here:   This would commit the Government to effective action. 

This Saturday is a day for Beach Clean up. Since we cannot meet socially, I invite you to do your bit by doing a little litter picking in the area of your choice, while thanking God for the beauty of our world which is ravaged by our lack of care.
I also invite you to make a special effort to say a grace before you eat or drink anything since all is a gift from God. 
I hope you get much enjoyment and inspiration from some of these websites and videos, and I wish you all the happiness of the Season of Creation. Don't forget to share your surplus garden or allotment produce at the church in celebration of the Harvest. 
In hope and blessing, Bella"

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