Autumn Message from Canon Frank:

Dear friends in Christ, it is now over 2 months since we started Masses in our church. We are still very restricted in the number of people allowed into the church for Mass. I am really pleased with the numbers attending the 5 public Masses that we have during the week but I think that we could be a long time away from being back to normal services. Some people have been phoning up about sacramental programs for Confirmation/ Holy Communion etc. To be honest, I have no idea as to when these programs will restart so we need to be patient. All these decisions are controlled by the government and Bishops.

If we cannot get to Mass at the moment it is important to keep in contact with the Lord. We can do that by setting aside some time each day for private prayer, scripture reading, meditation etc. Despite these unusual times, God is still our creator and redeemer. Jesus gave his life to us. Please give priority to the things of heaven and avoid being dominated by secular society, which can destroy us. May God bless you all. Fr Frank.

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