Pray for our beloved Haven Home in India

Haven Home Children in their St Augustine's uniform-2016
There is much concern after hearing the news regarding a chemical leak in Vizag. It said hundreds have serious injuries and have been rushed to hospitals.
Many relatives of the Haven Home family are located in Vizag and many of the students are studying in the City. Many of these young people returned especially for the recent visit to Haven Home from our parishioners and friends in Bristol.
At this time of crisis, families come together to offer support, but many of the children will not have families to support them. With the Virus in India and the shut down imposed and now this, things must be very difficult for them. 
May God give them the strength and energy to allow the Haven Home Family to do all they can to help all those in need. We ask Haven Home's supporters and friends, and also our wider community, to pray for them and we send our love to them all at this very difficult time.

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