Dear God.....

This short but powerful video was brought to our attention by Ursula Le Poidevin - Thank you.
We think it says, in a very compelling way, how many people are feeling at this moment - the rush of emotions and the lack of control we can feel can make these times even more difficult. For those dealing with the fear of health risks or the pain of loss it is even more true.
How do we even start to put that into words?
Whether we feel that pain or worry, whether we cannot concentrate on work or tasks at home or whether we are struggling to sleep, we can find ways to try and calm our minds and to focus.
Look to nature for it's help / use the many resources and tools online to deal with mindfulness or reduce our screen/news time all together if this is aiding the stress levels / Pray.....
As Deacon Peter regularly said, "If you can't sleep, don't count sheep... talk to the shepherd".
Apart, yet together.  #ChurchAtHome
Story of This Life
CLICK HERE to go to the YouTube page to watch it....

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