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News has come back from our beloved Haven Home orphanage in India following concerns related to the current crisis with COVID, the gas leak in a nearby town and the recent devastating cyclones. Martyn Poole had this message back from Prasant & Grace.
(* The money transfer charity (SKI) that is used to send funds to assist HH is currently furloughed due to COVID-19 but as soon they are back we will be able to continue our support for them.*)
"Greetings in Jesus name and also from all the children, staff and family of Haven Home. We thank you for your email and we are glad to inform you that the Lord has been protecting us and keeping us safe from all the calamities and crisis going around specially in our region. We appreciate your prayers and request you to please continue to pray.
The virus crisis is still existing and the lockdown has been extended from couple of weeks to couple of months. The food shortage, money shortage and no work continues in villages near and far from Haven Home. Due to the extended lockdown many migrant workers who were in big metro cities for work and returning back to homes as there is no work to buy food and pay rents. So all these migrant workers are walking back home by covering a distance of 1200-1500 kilometers and passing through many towns, villages and our area also. So we are not sure how many of them are carriers of the virus or positive cases but completely trusting the lord for his protection and safety. The children of HH in the villages are safe by the grace of God due to their remotely located villages and we sent the sponsorship money to all the children for April & May and this is really helping the children to meet some of the essentials. The school teaching and non teaching staff are the ones going through a financial crisis and their spouses incomes are not coming but HH has been paying to all our staff. This month we planning to bless each of our staff and the members of the church with food packs which will help them in some way. So please pray that the lord will provide enough finances to bless them with these food packs. We have all together 50 families. Our family and extended families are doing well and keep safe as well.
The has leak in Visakhapatnam situation is under full control. The gas has been transferred to South Korea by ship. The environment where the gas leak happened has been damaged but everything is restoring back. Our children who live close to that area are doing well and safe as well.
In regard to the cyclone which is hitting very badly the states of Odisha and Bengal bypassed our state by the mercy of the lord. But we are sad that almost 6.5 lakhs people have been displaced or evacuated from their homes and villages and the cyclone has swept a large area. We have few pastors in that region where the cyclone is active and we have been trying to make contact with them but not able to. We are praying that they are safe. Please pray along with us.
We thank you for your love and concern for Haven Home and all the children, staff and families.
We look forward to hearing from you. Lots of love and shalom
Prasant & Grace, Haven Home, India

Apart, yet together. #ChurchAtHome

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