Parishioner reflections....

Thank you to Sue Stricker for her thoughts during this time...
The last time I saw my little 4 year old grandson he was wearing a jaunty t shirt which said “press pause”. I didn't realise how long the pause would be!
Initially I relished the opportunity to do all those jobs that I have been putting off… that cobweb I have been waving at for the last year was finally dispatched to the bin, letters written  to friends and family, photos sorted out and a great amount of baking and tidying out of cupboards - ticking off my to do list gave me a quiet feeling of satisfaction.
Zoom conference calls to family in America and Holland were also great fun. The first time we connected with our five children on Zoom I was amazed! It was like something out of Star Trek - not quite beam me up Scotty but to connect with our son and his wife driving through Utah as he pointed out the Mormon temple in the distance was quite surreal.
All these things have made this time of "lock down ...locked in ...locked up" more bearable I certainly have a little more understanding now and compassion for those imprisoned.
The charity I work for continues to work remotely with our trainees with additional needs, though skype/email /phone call, so that we all continue to feel connected to the allotment project through sending photos of what we have been planting such as beans peas etc.
I asked one of our trainees on Skype what happens when a courgette isn’t picked what does it turn into ….? With lots of clues and prompts "…..begins with the letter “ M” it was like virtual charades …then the response was “I know! It's a mango!"
Many of our trainees are experiencing food poverty so we have been partnering with a great charity (Co -Exist) in Easton providing meals free of charge (donations are always very well received)
When I collected the pre packed delicious meals for the above trainee there were some extra goodies added in... goats cheese, artisan bread and a…. Mango! I think this will be a long standing joke between us, the day the Marrow turned into a Mango!
I also had my call up papers from the Nursing and midwifery council inviting me to return to work. However a wonky hip  (too much wrestling with angels ...I really must stop) and a spell in hospital with pneumonia just before Christmas probably puts me in the vulnerable category. It was still a difficult decision to make especially as I am in touch with many former colleagues who tell me how short staffed they are and how challenging a time this is.
However I realise that prayer is also a work and the days when I feel like missing Mass because it doesn’t really cut the mustard is the time when I really have to be faithful and committed to the faith which sustains me though thick and thin, and in prayer I know that we are connected to one another.
So in the words of that very well known song "We’ll meet again …. Don’t know where don’t know when." Hopefully it will be soon and within our parish community - missing you all. Sue.
Apart, yet together.  #ChurchAtHome
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