Pause to remember

At 11am today we paused to remember all those healthcare workers who have died. Let us remember them prayerfully, asking God to protect those who protect us.
"Restoring and healing God, thank you for medical workers everywhere, embodying sacrificial love in these challenging times putting the welfare of others before their own, staying away from their family and loved ones, comforting the concerned and bereaved, reassuring the anxious and vulnerable, working to heal and restore people who are ill.
Be their guide, strength, wisdom and hope.
We pray for those in authority to do right by them, for proper protective equipment to be provided and for their dedication to be met with much gratitude and appreciation when they return home, exhausted.
And we pray for medical workers around the world, where resources and protective equipment are always in short supply, not only now but always.
May these extraordinary times lead to deep and necessary changes in how our world works, resulting in a genuine effort to address the profound injustice of life expectancy being determined by geography, to awaken us all to the reality of how connected we all are and to work together to create the community and world we all want to be part of.
So help us, God,
Amen." #ChurchAtHome Apart, yet Together. Thank you to Christian Aid for the beautiful prayer

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