Deacon Vincent's reflection...

We asked our Deacons to offer us a reflection each, which we will publish over the next few weeks.
Today, Deacon Vincent Calder sends us a message from his home to yours. #ChurchAtHome.   Apart, yet together.
"I am not very good at being confined, as I like to be busy about the Tribunal work, which is a great Ministry, trying to re-unite people to the Lord and the Sacraments, but here we are, and at my age, nearly seventy seven the chances of getting back to any Ministry before the end of the year seems remote. So I have had to sit down with the Lord and start to have a real conversation with him outside of the usual routine of the Morning and Evening and Night Prayer.
I am from the generation that always used to say when Mary came back to England, then unity would follow, so when the Walsingham Mission to re-dedicate England as the Dowry of Mary, I undertook the 30 day preparation. It was very inspiring and at the re-dedication, I also pledged myself into the hands of Our Lady to lead me to the Lord.
I spend a lot more time praying the Rosary and handing it over to Our Lady to use accordingly on behalf of the Lord. My closeness to the Divine Mercy, for which I personally will have to rely upon for salvation has become alive. I have had a couple of melt downs, where my faith and trust in Jesus has been sorely tried, but that is always going to be our crosses to bear. Time with Jesus and Mary have been a constant nowadays, getting Daily Mass again via the internet has given great consolation, and making spiritual Communion has taken me back to those days prior to Vatican 2, when spiritual Communion was common place. We once again grasp the beauty of being quiet with the Lord and not busying ourselves with the various duties, that peace and tranquillity that enables us to have a really good look at ourselves, now this can bring us up wit a start, when we realise just how wide of the mark we have become. We realise how important just being in the company of each other has been, never really thought about it before, but I really miss you all; and I realise how much you all meant to me and my Ministry. Here is an opportunity for me to say “Thank You to You All!!” for just being there with me on my journey. I would not have been able to sustain myself if you had not been there to encourage me along.
Yes our life has changed but we are becoming more aware that we really do rely upon God’s providence for our very existence. He will look after us of that I am sure, and our Church will become more dynamic and purer when we eventually come out the other side. There will be another side eventually, I think I will be one of the last to be able to re-join you all. But I hope and pray that the Lord does preserve us to meet the other side. It is humbling for those of us who have to rely on others to do our shopping and fetch our medicines, as we have always been fiercely independent, but we can unite ourselves with those wonderful selfless people who take all the risks for those of us who have to stay home, and that is very good for us to experience our reliance on others for our needs.
This experience will not be in vain it is cleansing of our pride, and uniting us more closely with the Lord who allowed the lady of ill repute to anoint his head and feet. His example must be our guide, and now we have the time and space to perfect that humility.
God Bless You All and Keep YOU Safe till we can meet again."
Deacon Vincent Calder & Angela

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