Canon Frank's Reflection

Another reflection for us to read, today from Canon Frank, about his thoughts during the lockdown.
Dear Friends in Christ. We are living in a very changing world. At the moment, the world is trying to deal with the coronavirus which has had an effect on all of us. During this crisis, our manner of life has changed. As a Christian Community what can we do to connect with one another while our churches are closed?
I will share a little with you about how my life as a Priest has changed… I celebrate daily Mass on my own and I pray for all of you. I also have time to read some books on Christianity so as to enhance the gift of faith. I would recommend that we read the ‘Acts of the Apostles’. This book is read at all Masses during the Easter season of 50 days (with the exception of a few Feast days).
Although we may feel separated we are all members of the Body of Christ. The restrictions imposed on us are for the benefit of all people and in lots of ways these regulations have brought people closer together. There is, it seems, in the country, a greater sense of belonging rather than living as individuals. Life is all about God and people.
In his Easter message Pope Francis is showing concern for all peoples and I quote; “This is not a time for indifference, because the whole world is suffering and needs to be united in facing the pandemic. May the risen Jesus grant hope to all the poor, to those living on the peripheries, to refugees and the homeless. May these, the most vulnerable of our brothers and sisters living in the cities and peripheries of every part of the world, not to be abandoned. Let us ensure that they do not lack basic necessities (all the more difficult to find now that many businesses are closed) such as medicine and especially the possibility of adequate health care. In light of the present circumstances, may international sanctions be relaxed, since these make it difficult for countries on which they have been imposed to provide adequate support to their citizens, and may all nations be put in a position to meet the greatest needs of the moment through the reduction, if not the forgiveness, of the debt burdening the balance sheets of the poorest nations.”

It always saddens me when I read about the vast amount of money spent on weapons of war and the development of nuclear arms to attack and destroy millions of people. It is very important to realise that every human being is in the image and likeness of God and that God sent Jesus Christ to save people and not destroy people. It follows then that war is morally evil. Speaking about the dignity of life, Bishop Declan recently spoke about the death penalty. He is appealing to governments to abolish completely the death penalty, irrespective of crimes committed. 2 wrongs never make a right. Executing people is completely against the mercy of God.

Finally, I want to thank you all for the kind messages and phone calls I have been receiving during this time.

May God bless you all.
Fr Frank.
#ChurchAtHome Apart, yet together.

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  1. Thank you for the reflection. Take care hopefully see you soon.