Living Simply....

Our Parish was awarded the CAFOD "Live Simply" honour at the start of the year, as we spent 2019 trying to find ways together to live in solidarity with the poor and with the planet.
Right now, in lots of ways, we are living more simply than any of us would have imagined. What can we take forward from this? How can we look to the future to protect our beautiful planet, protect each other and create a world in which we show care for those who care for us, show love to those who feel unloved and live simply but 'move mountains'...?
Thank you to our wonderful Bella Harding, who lead our CAFOD Live Simply campaign, for sending us these quotes to share with you all.
Don't forget to send us your photos of the beauty of nature, as seen from your window, your garden on whilst out on your allocated exercise.
#ChurchAtHome  Apart, yet together.

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