A notice from Avon & Somerset Police:

"We’re repeating our previous warnings to people to stay safe against unscrupulous fraudsters and scammers, who are targeting unsuspecting computer users online.
New national figures released by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) have reported that more than 2000 computer-based scams have duped unsuspecting victims.
This week they are running a “cyber aware” campaign, which aims to keep people safe on-line.
The scams include fake online shops tricking people into looking for coronavirus-related services; phishing sites encouraging people to give sensitive and private information, including passwords and card details; and encouraging victims to set up payment details in return for the payment of large sums of cash.
The NCSC have developed the ‘suspicious email reporting service’ with City of London Police, encouraging people to forward dubious emails, which will be tested for their validity.
Please report any dubious emails, including those claiming to offer support related to COVID-19, to report@phishing.gov.uk
Since the start of the coronavirus epidemic, Action Fraud has reported that there have been more than 800 victims across the country, of various frauds and scams – including doorstep theft – who have lost a total of more than £2.1m to coronavirus-related scams.
With most people based at home, many are using the computer to work and shop and potentially are vulnerable to opportunist and unscrupulous fraudsters who are trying to target them.
If people have been scammed and have lost money, they should report this to Action Fraud.
Further information and advice here: http://ow.ly/9XrO50zl4Q0  "

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