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What can we do about Climate Change?
   Join us on Saturday, 23 October, 11am at Clifton Cathedral for the Clifton Climate Liturgy. Bishop Declan is inviting us all as the community of Clifton Diocese to join him in celebrating God's creation. Each one of us has talents to bring to the care of our common home, whether beginning our journey or if we have been working for climate justice for some time. Come and meet others to find out what you can do and to share ideas and experiences, share in the challenge to do something about Climate Change, and bring families and friends - all are welcome!

We are approaching Prisons Week 2021.
A week of campaign and prayer to seek an end to the human suffering caused by crime and imprisonment – for all those affected.
Some of our parishioners support Fr Frank in offering Mass to the inmates of Ashfield Prison in Pucklechurch.
During prisons week there is a zoom meeting (on 12 October 2021 5-6pm) where Arundel and Brighton, Clifton and Plymouth Dioceses invite you all to explore the challenges facing prisoners and their families and how we can get involved in our parishes.
Also, visit Prisons Week social media or for more information.

"New to Prisons Week?
WHY? Prisons Week wants to see an end to the human suffering caused by crime and imprisonment – for all those affected. We believe that faith moves mountains, and that prayer moves God. We also believe that when we pray with faith God often moves us to be the answer to those prayers.

HOW? And so we gather together churches and organisations from across the Christian community to issue a call to prayer for change where change is needed.

WHAT? And we do this through a week-long campaign each October with print and digital resources, social channels, events and media appearances.

WHO WE ARE: Prisons Week is organised and run by 25 organisations that come together twice each year as a Board of Reference, and the smaller Working Groups who meet monthly to deliver the annual call-to-prayer campaigns.

WHERE WE FIT: Prisons Week sits alongside the Church to provide information, expertise, resources and encouragement for this particular area of ministry that individual churches are unlikely to have ‘in house’. We also provide a sense of community for those with a passion for this ministry – a place where they can feel part of a bigger ‘whole’."

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