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Charity Wingwalk
Our intrepid (or possibly slightly crazy!) parishioner, Debbie Kearney, will be taking to the skies, strapped to the top wing of a 1940s biplane, on Sat 2 Oct to raise funds to support
Jessie May Children's Hospice at Home.
Please head to to read more and consider sponsoring her for this flying feat if you are able to.
If you would prefer to make an offline donation, please contact
Prayers are also very welcome - for the staff and children at Jessie May - and also for Debbie!
Many thanks, Deb, for being such a legend, for such a great cause.
You can find out more about the charity at their website:

A Creationtide Update from Bella:
"This is the last week of the Season of Creation ending with the Feast of St Francis when we are hoping to see the launch of the Laudato Si Action Platform which will engage all parts of the Catholic community in action, to foster climate justice.

There are now less than 40 days to the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, less than the length of Lent. There is also a virtual Biodiversity Conference called COP15 in October.
Laudato Si linked the issues of creation care and social justice, and in many ways, the global south is suffering the worst now from the climate crisis.
Cafod's Harvest Fast Day occurs this Friday, 1st October, and many people all over the world fast and pray for climate justice on 1st of the month. We can make small fasts, we can pray for all those suffering now, and for the leaders who need to make the radical changes that the world needs, and we can give donations to Cafod's work for climate justice.
Visit CAFOD's website to donate:

Thank you to Deacon Vincent for your Reflections for 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B
1st Reading from the Book of Numbers 11: 25-29.
“Numbers” is the name given to the fourth book of the Bible in Greek, most probably because it contains two census listings in chapters 1-4, and 26. The Hebrew name is “In the Desert”, but the Greek title should serve as a pointer into the mystery of this rich book. It contains many different types of literature and seems to have drawn material from many sources. It is a compilation used to draw various events into some semblance of order for teaching. This, particular passage in Numbers, reveals the unpredictable nature of God’s Spirit. It would appear, that the Spirit is able to wander off outside its’ intended limits, with good effect, I might add. We will see the echo of this event in the Gospel passage, that we have for today’s reading.

Psalm 18: 8, 10, 12-14.
God is revealed in the Law. The Decrees of the Lord, is like a bright light it opens up our minds to higher things, lifting us above earthly life and passions. The Decrees of the Lord, set us free to explore heavenly things, and brings joy to the heart. It is an encouragement for us to study scripture more assiduously to gladden our hearts.

2nd Reading from the Letter of St. James 5: 1-6.
It is difficult to avoid the conclusion that some of James’ community were more concerned with creating wealth than putting Christ’s teachings into practice. It is a common thought today that we quite often think more about planning expensive holidays and great schemes of home improvement whilst ignoring the plight of the poor. James is trying to illustrate that Christ’s teaching is to transcend all aspects of our lives there are to be no exceptions. Not paying just wages will be punished, because when we exploit or ignore the plight of the poor, then we are doing this to Christ himself. We need to examine ourselves and our actions in the light of our Baptism into the family of Father, Son & Holy Spirit.

The Holy Gospel according to Mark 9: 38-43, 45, 47-48.
Jesus is very aware of the incident, involving Moses and how the gift of the Holy Spirit was not limited to its’ original destination, there is an unpredictability about the Holy Spirit. He almost replicates Moses’ response to Joshua in our first reading, when he rebukes John for having tried to stop the person, not a member of their group, from casting out devils in the name of Jesus. The key thing to concentrate upon is belonging to the kingdom of God. Many of us have witnessed, in our own lifetime, how the Holy Spirit took the 2nd Vatican Council in a direction that was unforeseen by most people in the Church. We, also, still witness the misguided response by some, who want to turn the clock back. It is important to remember that the Holy Spirit is God’s Spirit doing what God wants, not necessarily what we, with our limited vision, desire. We need to listen to what the Spirit is teaching us and where he is leading us.
God bless you all. Deacon Vincent.

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