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The Patrick Wild Centre
sits within the University of Edinburgh’s College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine, which is a world-leader in biomedical, translational research. They are part of a hub of neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative research centres that put patients and families at the heart of scientific endeavour.
Their mission is to understand the neurological basis of and to test new therapies for autism spectrum disorders (ASD), fragile X syndrome (FXS) and intellectual disabilities (ID)— from cell to synapse, from circuit to behaviour.
They work on the genetics of the disorders, develop and test new ways to help people with these conditions and engage those affected by these conditions, as well as their families and those who support them, to better understand their difficulties.

Why not visit their website to see more about the work they do and if you are able to, make a donation to help them carry on with their important work.

Anna Davies is helping to raise funds for the charity, who have helped her grandson and family, and

once again is making her famous, delicious chutney!
She is busy picking apples and we will let you know when this year's batch is ready!
All donations will go to the Parish Project.
Contact the parish office if you would like to go on the chutney list!

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