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A message from the Department for School and Colleges for an Administrator
Following the retirement of our current administrator the department is looking to recruit a suitable replacement.
The post would be suitable for someone looking to work during term time only and between the hours of 9.30 - 2.30 Monday- Friday.
Details of the specific role and person specification can be found on:
or on the main diocesan website.
The extended Closing Date is Tuesday, 28th September at 12 noon.

Clifton Diocese: Catechist Day
"On Saturday 25 September we are looking to draw together catechists from around our diocese, offering an opportunity for conversation and formation, focusing on family catechesis.
David Wells & Ingrid La Trobe will help us to reflect on the role of parents in catechesis and give catechists the confidence to enable them to be the first teachers of their children’s faith.
The day will take place at St. John the Baptist parish centre, Trowbridge, and will start at 11am and finish around 4pm. Refreshments will be provided from 10.30am, we ask for catechists to bring a packed lunch. Numbers will be limited for the day so please register through this email:
Details can be found on the diocesan website

Thank you Deacon Vincent for your Reflections for 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B
1st Reading from the Book of Wisdom 2: 12, 17-20.
The first Christians who read this must instantly have thought it was composed with Jesus in mind. The wisdom literature was written specifically with the Greek-speaking Jews in mind. They were surrounded by the great philosophical traditions of Stoicism and Platonism. This could have been overpowering for them, so it designed to illustrate that the Jewish religious traditions, which were much older, were as good, if not better than, these wonderful modern Greek philosophical traditions. It is worth noting that we also can feel that our philosophy is out-dated and no longer has a place in modern society. Think again, read these magnificent Wisdom Books, and absorb what they hold for us. We are attacked because we do not agree with where this society is going, so we are attacked and society tries to make out that we are in the wrong and try to ridicule us. Maybe, just maybe this literature can enlighten our minds and hearts to see that what happened to Christ, is our destiny also, maybe not physical torture, but mental torture. Look to God’s eternal Wisdom and follow Jesus “Good News”, the Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand, believe the Gospel.

Psalm 53: 3-6, 8.
God is my helper, and he upholds my life. Jesus might well have been reciting quietly this song to himself whilst under torture.

2nd Reading from the Letter of James 3: 16- 4: 3.
James is contrasting the wisdom from below, with the wisdom from above, one might also find a link with Paul’s virtues listed in Galatians 5: 22, 23, and their opposed vices (5: 19-21). Thos who make peace may allude to the seventh beatitude in the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5: 9.). This is James treatise on True Wisdom, teaching us to pray for the things that will assist us on our journey to the Lord, not concentrating on selfish desires or envy. As we all know they lead to wars and destruction.

The Holy Gospel according to Mark 9: 30-37.
It is encouraging to our frail attempts to follow Christ, to realise just how wrong the Disciples interpreted Jesus’ teachings. They were absorbed with who was the greatest among themselves. They knew deep down it was wrong because they were very sheepish about opening up to Jesus. Jesus tells us that the new model of leadership is one of service, just as a child relies upon his parents, so we must rely upon Jesus, the Son of God, we are merely servants, here for a short while, and our role is to look after his flock with love and care, and not as a Lord who will rule over them and push and shove them around, and regard them as lesser beings. We are to love and cherish each other as brothers and sisters in Christ, and be of service to each other. What an amazing challenge for us to live up to. Always be grateful to the teachings of the Holy Gospels.
God Bless You All. Deacon Vincent 

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