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New Tax Year Approaches
We are about to place the order for the new weekly donation envelope boxes, starting again in April. 
Of course, over this past year, they have been used much less due to the lockdown / with people being unable to attend mass. However, we will still order them for those who have had them historically. 
If you are one of those people 
*but wish to stop your envelope box for any reason, 
*or if you would prefer to change to a standing order donation system instead 
*or if your tax status or address has changed please contact us asap so we can update the records. 
Thank you to everyone who has been, and continues to be, so generous in helping our church thrive. God bless you all.

Nationwide help with lifts for vaccinations
We are spreading the word about this interesting offer from Uber, offering £15 towards lifts to 7 major vaccination centres for those who cannot drive there, including our own Ashton Gate centre...
Article shared by Dept of Health and Social Care:
Uber is offering free trips to seven large scale vaccination centres across England, making it easier for the most vulnerable people to receive the #COVID19 vaccine.
See the Daily Mail article by clicking here.

A New President for the USA
Pope Francis sends a message to President Joe Biden, urging him to be a bringer of peace and reconciliation to the United States and to the whole world.
See the Vatican News article by clicking here

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