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Prayer for health workers.
Please pray for the vaccination programme to reach all within the care community as fast as possible to protect those who are the most vulnerable and those who selflessly care for them.

"Wondrous God, author of life, you fashioned us in your likeness and breathed into us the life which is your own. Be with those whose special care is the health of mind and body.
Fill their hearts with awe for the life which is your gift and sustain them daily in your service, that their hands may bring to others the comfort of your healing touch.
Through Christ our Lord. Amen."

Helping with Emotional Fitness in these troubling times
Well done to Clare (one of our parishioners) who has started a programme online to help our emotional fitness, to stay strong and positive - very important in these difficult times.
Why not have a look at her 21 day HINT programme on her YouTube channel to see if it helps you?
The phrase that is used a lot with this pandemic is that "we are all in the same boat".... it is more realistic to say that we are all in the same storm but not in the same boats...
Please pray for the mental health of those who are struggling through this situation, that they can find the right help and support.
CLICK HERE to go to the YouTube channel.

Resound Foodbank update:
"Dear friends and supporters,
Thank you all so much for your amazing support both during 2020 and also in the recent Christmas period. We were once again overwhelmed by your generosity.
As you will be aware from previous updates, the demand for our services has greatly increased since the start of the first lockdown in March last year. Since then, we have received 73% more referrals and provided food parcels for 56% more adults and children than in the corresponding period in 2019. Thankfully, due to your generosity and others like you, the donations received have risen over the same period by 77%. In weight, we have received almost 20 tonnes of food and distributed over 15 tonnes. This has meant that we were also able to pass on 3 tonnes of our excess food to support other local organisations and to ensure nothing was wasted!

We have just got ourselves a new mobile phone and one of the wonderful things we are experiencing is the feedback via text we are getting from our customers.
As always, your support for Resound Foodbank is greatly appreciated."
Such touching feedback from Resound foodbank.
If you would like to offer donations of food to them, they are next open for safe drop off on Friday 15th January and, at the moment, they really need tinned minced beef or tinned ham, UHT milk, potted meat spreads, 100g jars of coffee or small bottles of squash.

The beauty of Lourdes in the snow... enjoy

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