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Thank you!
Fr Frank had a lovely birthday yesterday and he wants to send great thanks to everyone for all the cards, presents & messages of love and best wishes that he received from SO many people!
(He says he will receive you all in a private audience, like the Pope, for his next birthday! 😆)
We gave him one of his favourites as his birthday 'cake' - a giant Lemon Meringue pie! (Thank you Narj for being star baker!)
Of course, his presents included something from his beloved Liverpool and some Mars Bars!

Church Closure
Our Church is now closed for public Mass during the lockdown period. We will be working out our plans for private prayer over the next few days and we will communicate this to you all as soon as we can. Fr Frank will continue to pray for you all and for the booked Mass intentions during his private Mass each day.

Our Cathedral will continue to live-stream their Masses at 9.30am daily and the cathedral will open for Private Prayer from 10-11am every day. Find the Cathedral's live stream link here:

Please keep an eye on our website / Facebook page for updates and please look out for each other during this difficult time for so many...

Memorial to St Charles Borromeo
Preserve in the midst of your people,
we ask, O Lord, the spirit with which you filled
the Bishop Saint Charles Borromeo,
that your Church may be constantly renewed
and, by conforming herself to the likeness of Christ,
may show his face to the wolrd.
Who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever


Christmas Treats

A reminder that Petra Jordan is offering a bespoke service to the parish, taking orders for small apple pies & Christmas cakes or individual Christmas puddings in time for Christmas.
Petra is happy for people to contact her to place an order and any money donated for the baked treats will go to GrassRoots Suicide Prevention, one of our Parish Projects.
Contact us if you need Petra's number...
** Please let her know by this weekend (8th Nov) if you are interested.

Light Up Lockdown

This is a lovely initiative that is spreading across social media...
#LightUpLockdown asks people to put up some twinkly / fairy lights outside their houses from tomorrow for the month to bring some light to the dark nights of this lockdown.
Shining a light in the darkness is a theme we are all familiar with in our Christian lives, so why not consider putting up a light in your window, in a tree in your front garden, or around your door to help lift the mood of the nation?
Take a photo and send it to us to share with the parish. We would love to see your light!
"This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine!"

Pope Francis on Twitter:
I express my sorrow and dismay for the terrorist attack in #Vienna, and I pray for the victims and their families. Enough violence! Let us together strengthen peace and fraternity. Only love can silence hate.

Grassroots Suicide Prevention
In support of our Parish Project charity, Grassroots, and especially in these difficult times, we must remind ourselves that it is important to talk to people who may be struggling.
Ask, if you are concerned.
Listen if they talk.
Ask for help if you are struggling.

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