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Gift Sunday
For those parishioners who have been wondering about our annual Gift Sunday Service, sadly this year it will not be possible to collect gifts, something which we are so used to doing and so LOVE to do.
Did you know that the children's Christmas gifts you donate each year are given to CCS Adoption, a charitable agency working to find families for children who need them and supporting them for life?
As fundraising is down through the charity sector we know that CCS Adoption is not alone in needing more support than ever. So maybe visit their website if you wish to make a donation to the charity you would normally support through gifts, text a donation (details below) or buy their online Christmas cards as advertised here. This way your 'gift' will not be lost this year.
Please pray for the work they, and other adoption agencies, do in finding hope and love for children who need it.
Donate by text - You can also make instant donations by text. This service is provided by 'Donr' and allows you to make donations of up to £20. To make a donation, text CCS and the amount you wish to donate to 70085, e.g. ‘CCS 5’ to donate £5, ‘CCS 10’ to donate £10 etc.

Mental Health Support
If you are in need of support, there is help available.

Please pray for all those who are struggling.
Please pray for those who provide help to others.
Please help us to look out for our friends and family.
Please pray for an end to the pandemic.

The story of the tomb to the Unknown Warrior;
Told by the Principal Roman Catholic Chaplain, Rev (Sqn Ldr) David E. Skillen RAF.
CLICK HERE to read the article.

South Gloucestershire
ith Covid-19 cases at an all-time high across our area, the Council is urging everyone in South Gloucestershire
to act now, abide by the national restrictions and stay at home as much as possible to prevent tougher local restrictions being in place for longer.
Director of Public Health, Sara Blackmore, said: “What we do now will determine which alert level we are placed in when nationwide restrictions are due to end on 2 December. “We are seeing the highest infection rate we have seen in our area since the start of the pandemic, meaning there is a higher risk to us all of catching Covid-19. “Our rate is higher than the all-England average and double the rate in the South West region. “Hospital cases are rising, with a resulting strain on our local NHS, our adult care services and of course our vulnerable residents and families. “It is absolutely vital that everyone follows the guidance to keep themselves safe, their friends and families safe, and those most vulnerable to the worst effects of the illness safe. “If we don’t do the right thing now, it is likely that we will face continued strict restrictions on being able to go out and live our lives normally even after the end of the national lockdown period.”

Prayers for the front line
The head of the Bishop's Conference's Healthcare and Mental Health department, Bishop Paul Mason, is calling for prayers and support for healthcare workers, carers, and all workers providing essential services.
Catholics across the country have been invited to join Cardinal Vincent Nichols’ call to daily prayer at 6pm by offering thanks and prayers for all frontliners. 
In his message, Bishop Mason acknowledged the increased availability now of personal protective equipment (PPE), which should reduce the risks to which those on the front line are exposed. “However,” he said, “protecting physical health is just a first step, and we ought to strive to serve the mental health needs of these workers with similar devotion.” Everybody “can play a part when it comes to looking out for the mental health and wellbeing of the people who usually care for us,” he added.
CLICK HERE to see the article in full.

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