Something lovely for this weekend.....

Our Parish Community congratulates 2 of our own 'school mums' for putting together what looks to be a wonderful event happening this coming weekend.BSpoke16 art trail brings local artists and creatives 'together' but instead of holding an art fair in 1 place, we will be able to walk or drive around the local area and view all their works safely outside of their homes.
CLICK HERE to go to the special map...What a lovely idea to bring our community together with a positive event to enjoy and which may help to support those self-employed creatives who will have struggled over these past few months.Here is what they had to say:"In 2014 we (Catherine Williams and Karen Davies) put our creative heads together and developed BSpoke16. Being good friends and sharing our love of art and crafts we recognised the need for an art fair to introduce local communities to the artists, craftspeople and designers who live and work in the area.“Karen, established Mustard Cuts as her brand name for her beautifully intricate paper cuts, prints and cards. Catherine initially trained as a printmaker although in recent years created paintings alongside the etchings inspired by seascapes, landscapes and cityscapes.”With a number of successful art fairs under our belts, we have been busy during lockdown creating new art and products, with little opportunity to sell due to normal venues being closed under the trading restrictions. The idea of the outside arts trail is to platform the new work of local makers and provide an opportunity for the public to engage with artists and respond to their creativity during this period through encouragement, feedback and sales."Good luck to everyone - we hope lots of you will be able to go out and enjoy the event in the nice weather that is due!Apart, yet together. #ChurchAtHome

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