Bella's lockdown reflections...

Thank you to Bella Harding for, again, sharing her lockdown reflections with us.
In it, Bella highlights the work of CAFOD who is working hard to help those around the world who need it the most. CAFOD started an online 'light a candle' service shortly after Churches closed in March - please visit the site - it is a lovely way to make a donation and to remember someone in prayer. CLICK HERE to go to CAFOD's website
"Hello! I hope you are all well, and able to do a little more with the easing of restrictions.
Once again there have been loads going on, so many people are planning for the new normal and to meet the abnormal needs of the moment. CAFOD website has an online petition to the Government about the plight of the poorest in the world, and the care of the environment as well as a 'virtual candle' site where those of us that are missing lighting a candle can do so online for some person or intention we want to remember. Prayer is just as (if not more) important at this time.
There is also a very amusing video on the recent Cafod powerpoint, about the 'Summer of Hope', where if all that we are missing, holidays and festivals, concerts and meals, has actually saved us money, we can donate and have double the fun. I know I have spent much less on petrol in the last few months and travel in general, and food. Not everyone is in that lucky situation, but as the rich people who were begging the government to tax them more, (really there were some recently doing just that!!) those of us that have more are able to give more for the greater need.
I have also so enjoyed really using what I have, instead of throwing stuff away and going to buy more, and this is one of the most potent sources of our personal carbon emissions. We can all use this time to wonder why we used to do all that we did, and perhaps reach a new and more peaceful way of living. May we all be inspired to live more simply and to love our neighbour and our planet more.
I wish you all the happiness possible in these weirdest of times and look forward to meeting, safely, in the flesh, soon. Bella."
Apart, yet together. #ChurchatHome

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