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Light a #CandleForPeace 💙💛🕯 Fridays from 5-7pm

A message from the residents of Boscombe Crescent / Meadow Close who have approached us to help at this time...

"Some of our local residents came together to think about what else they could do to show support for the people suffering in Ukraine.
When Covid struck it put great pressure on the NHS staff and to show our appreciation we clapped on our doorsteps every Thursday evening.
For the Ukraine crisis, we asked if our local church, St. Augustine’s (Boscombe Crescent BS16 6QR), could be open for anyone to pop in and light a “Candle for Peace.” Candles will be available.
Initially, the Church will be open every Friday from 5.00 - 7.00pm. So please feel free to show your support for the people of Ukraine, at a time when we’re looking for ways to help. Thank you.
Local Residents."

You are all very welcome to come into the church and light a candle for peace and to show your solidarity for those suffering through this terrible conflict.


Do you have any interesting-shaped empty bottles lying around the place, or waiting to be recycled?
If they are clean and dry Petra would LOVE them to turn into gifts that will be sold for our Parish Projects...
Please bring them to the Presbytery (please don't leave them at the back of church) for Petra to pick up.
Thank you!

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