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A new message from Canon Frank: 
Dear friends in Christ.
We are all well aware that we are living in unusual times. The coronavirus has changed our outlook on everyday living & we are a long way off from being back to normal. As for our parish community, I hope that all of us are looking out for one another. Different guidelines & restrictions have been imposed upon us. Looking back over the past 8 months, some of the regulations have worked, while others, not so much. We do hope the decisions made by the various world leaders are made for our good. In truth no one fully understands this virus, the reason being, it is a most complicated illness.
I ask all of us to do our best to help one another. Helping each other is a Christian duty.
While not everybody can come to Mass, never the less, those who are attending represent ALL of us. 
It is very important to recognise God in our daily lives. We all need God as He is the one who created us. Please set aside some time each day to thank God for creating us. As we continue our journey in Faith I ask all of us to be positive in our relationships with God and with one another.
May God bless you all. Fr Frank

Fratelli Tutti
As we start to digest the words of Pope Francis from his new encyclical, we must consider how we want the 'new normal' to look and to feel for our planet and future generations...

Use this CAFOD link to read more about 'Fratelli Tutti'....

Pregnancy and infant loss awareness month
As October is pregnancy and infant loss awareness month, Fr Frank will be praying during Mass on Saturday 31st October at 6.00pm for all those suffering the pain of losing a child, at whatever age or stage of pregnancy.
Support is out there for those who need it, from charities such as Tommy's or " Saying Goodbye", part of The Mariposa Trust, whether that loss was recent or many, many years ago.
The 'Saying Goodbye' charity is running a series of online Services of remembrance over the next few months. You can find all the information by clicking here

We invite our parishioners to light a candle at home and to join in prayer at some point during this awareness month for those affected.

Dear God, soothe the pain of those suffering the loss of their child. May they receive the loving support they need from those around them and may God help to heal their hearts and give them peace in knowing their child is now cradled in God’s loving embrace.
We trust in Jesus, our loving saviour, who gathered children into His arms and blessed the little ones. May the angels and saints lead those tiny lives to the place of light and peace where one day they will be brought together again.

Remembrance Sunday
St Augustine's Church is proud to support the Royal British Legion's work as we approach November, the month of remembrance.
Watch this short video with ways to support a different looking Remembrance Sunday / 'Poppy appeal' this year.
We will be doing what we can to help remember those who have died in conflict and to pray for a peaceful future.
We will post more from the Royal British Legion over the next few weeks and will confirm the plans we have in our parish community to remember...

Apart, yet together   #ChurchAtHome

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