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Blessed Carlo Acutis
A member of the Millennial generation, fifteen-year-old Carlo Acutis, was beatified in Assisi on Saturday. The Catholic Church now has a millennial Blessed who loved Super Mario, Pokémon, and above all the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist.
This brief biography recounts how his passion for the Eucharist and being internet savvy have left us a tangible connection with him. Click here to read the article about his life.
Cardinal Nichols talks to the Catholic Youth Network about Carlo's life...

Baby Loss Awareness
During Baby Loss Awareness week & month, the creator of the 'Saying Goodbye' charity, Zoe, explains beautifully the reason why this awareness campaign is needed.
We invite you to stop and pray, and maybe light a candle, for all those families affected.

"Tomorrow is the start of Baby Loss Awareness Week, I want to say something, I want to share from the heart.... Baby Loss Awareness week is NOT for parents who have gone through loss, let me explain what I mean by that. Bereaved parents don't need a special month or week to remember....they remember their child 365 days a year, whether the world acknowledges their loss or not. Whether their baby has been lost early or late in pregnancy, at birth or in early years...they remember.
Baby loss awareness is about shining a light on this subject, a subject that so many are afraid of and so many run from.
But I want to say this, baby loss is not just a story of grief, of pain and of tears, its a story of love, of celebration, of becoming parents. Its a place where grief and love collide, its where dreams lay shattered on the floor, but simultaneously a new view of life can be birthed. It is only when the silent scream has been released from your soul when your heart has been broken in two, that you discover this depth of love and pain even when the tears are falling, smiles are also breaking forth.
Baby loss is a journey, a lifelong journey....and if you take part in Baby Loss Awareness week let me say thank you. Thank you from me, but also thank you from every parent around the globe who has lost a child....because when you share their post, when you hit like, they will see you, they will hear you.
So tomorrow and every day I will stand with others and celebrate my life. I will find joy in the smallest of things, as this is the gift my lost children gave me, but the space they left behind will always remain, for these are my children, and I am their parent...and this week we will honour every child that ran ahead. Zoe"

Global Catholic Climate Movement
Unite with Catholics from all continents and Stand With Pope Francis message to Share Not Plunder our common home. Sign the petition for just action on #COVID and the #ClimateEmergency, and show the Pope and the world that you care.

On top of our Cathedral
Sharing this post from Clifton Cathedral's page....
"If you've ever wondered what it's like to stand on top of the Cathedral, wonder no longer (and be thankful that someone else did it...?)"
Amazing! (Rather them than me!)


St. Nicholas of Tolentino RC Church, Bristol
are holding their latest monthly celebration of Mass welcoming anyone from the LGBTQ+ community, friends and families on 18th October.
If you cannot attend but wish to join, the livestream can be accessed via a link on their parish website

Acts of Worship
Thank you once again to Martin Le Poidevin for sharing his musical and spiritual talents with us.
The latest 'Acts of Worship' can be seen here...

Mental Health Awareness Week
Regardless of what is going on for you or the situation you are in, there are trained people who care and want to help support anyone struggling with difficult feelings.

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