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Christmas Eve (Friday) at 6 pm & 9.30 pm
Christmas Day (Saturday) at 9 am & 10.30 am

We would ask everyone to book a place using our eventbright link so we can control the numbers safely (no need to print a ticket)
(Please assist those people you know who don’t have internet access to book a place.)
As Christmas Day is a Saturday there will be no usual Sat evening Mass on 25th Dec.
Sunday (Boxing Day) will have Mass as normal at 9.30 am.

(Picture of the Church last Christmas)

Honouring Sunday
Please click here to read Bishop Declan's statement on 'Honouring Sunday'. With the article is a link to read the full statement from the Catholic Bishop's Conference of England and Wales which Fr Frank read out at Mass yesterday.

Thank you to Bella Harding for the following thoughts:
I’m dreaming of a GREEN Christmas

On the 36 days of Advent and Christmas We buy only gifts that are wanted we buy no packaging and have no waste and no plastic we only buy food we will eat we buy local, organic, animal friendly, and fairly traded we compost food scraps and garden waste ourselves we buy beautiful clothes that last we repair and repurpose in a circular economy we sponsor food banks we feed the hungry of the world we house the homeless we offer safe routes for children seeking to join their families we offer legal routes for asylum seekers to settle,
integrate, contribute and be happy our gardens are home to frogs, hedgehogs blackbirds,
nightingales and goldfinch, bees, butterflies we travel fossil fuel free we vaccinate the world we provide climate justice for the suffering global south we leave all remaining fossil fuels in the ground pesticides, industrial farming and fishing are banned and
hedgerows flourish we insulate homes to be passive and snug we have fossil fuel free heating and hot water we build beautiful buildings with organic materials we plant trees not cut them down we have green spaces and peace and quiet for all green jobs are abundant and transform the economy clean air water and electricity are available for all and wisely used we watch, not the Dow Jones going up, but the carbon emissions successfully going down the arctic and antarctic and glaciers stop melting the coral reefs recover and mangrove swamps flourish peatlands are restored and become homes for curlew the hole in the ozone layer heals we share our wealth more fairly Syria Afghanistan and Yemen and everywhere cease conflict
and get good government genocides cease and people become friends fighter jets are changed to air ambulance, tanks to wind
turbines, small arms to solar panels the lions and all wildlife flourish and lie down with the lamb and your dreams…. and mine come true   There is peace on earth and good will to all people not just for Christmas but for life.

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