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We hope that
everyone who is able to attend Mass feels happy with the way we are trying to keep everyone safe.
So far this week, during our weekday Masses, it has worked really well with everyone continuing to wear masks within the Church, sanitising their hands on the way in and out and, crucially, giving each other plenty of space whilst entering and exiting the building, and especially during Holy Communion time (which is no longer stewarded).
We thank you all for helping us to keep our parish community safe.
If you have concerns please see our steward who will be there to greet you as you arrive as they can show you where the safe space has been left, with socially distanced pews, at the front of the church.
We ask our congregation who do not have these concerns to please keep this area free at our busier weekend Masses whilst we work out how many people will need to use this facility.
God bless you all.

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