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We send our Love and Congratulations to Canon Frank
- 40 years a Priest on Sunday 20th June 2021.
A wonderful achievement.
He was given massive applause at both Masses this weekend and has had many cards, gifts, Mass cards, and well wishes - from as far away as Australia!
His lovely family in Ireland even organised a beautifully framed message from his beloved Liverpool FC!

Although we couldn't arrange a proper party and celebration for the whole Parish, as we are still staying safe under the restrictions, the 'staff' of the Parishes in Communion had an outdoor buffet lunch in his honour (in the drizzle!) so that the event didn't go unmarked.

We have organised Masses in thanksgiving for his Priestly ministry on the following dates;
Tuesday 20th July
Friday 23rd July
Saturday 24th July &
Sunday 25th July
-giving as many people a chance to attend as possible over that week - please book a place using the eventbright link if you wish to attend.

God bless you Fr Frank!

St Joseph's Home
How wonderful to see the residents of St Joseph's Home in Cotham having fun, celebrating the Queen's birthday last week.
We have always had a close relationship with the Little Sisters of the Poor and thank them for the caring and loving work they do for our elders.
Please remember them and all the residents in your prayers. 

Thank you Deacon Vincent for your Reflections for 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B
1st Reading from the book of Job 38: 1, 8-11.
Job is one of the most striking books of the Old Testament. It is part of the Wisdom literature, and poses the eternal question, “How does a good God allow suffering?”. The main body of the work is poetry of a very high calibre. This selection is just after one of Job’s friends has castigated him for not repenting of his sins, which have caused his misfortunes, and then God will make everything right. Job refuses to admit to any sins that he has not committed, he continues to maintain his innocence and indeed has castigated God for treating him so harshly. This is part of the opening reply from God to Job. God is clearly setting out his stall as the almighty creator, and there is this beautiful statement “Come thus far, I said, and no farther: here your proud waves shall break.” What beautiful imagery for God setting the bounds of the sea at creation. This perennial problem of sickness and disease is a constant companion for us humans, and it especially true for us today amid this pandemic. Whether the book of Job answers the question? For some who read it there is clarity for others it poses still further questions. It would be good to read and ponder Job during this week, it is very enlightening.

Psalm 106: 23-26, 28-31.
The psalm sings of how God saves the distressed. It is an attempt by the psalmist to answer the questions posed by the book of Job; and is full of hope for those who are suffering or in doubt. We can be sure that God’s love endures for ever.

2nd Reading from the second letter of St. Paul to the Corinthians 5: 14-17.
Paul’s passion for Christ is tangible in this passage. Paul is trying to direct their admiration towards God in his goodness and be reconciled with him, not Paul. Paul is speaking of the deepest reality of all, God’s Resurrection victory over death., and that deepest reality is not just for Jesus, but is available to all of us, such is the generosity of God, but God will not force us, so Paul is saying to us “Be reconciled to God, and astonished at his generosity, in sending Christ for us.

The Holy Gospel according to Mark 4: 35-41.
We have this remarkable story presented by Mark of the disciples taking Jesus across the Sea of Galilee, and a storm arises, and the disciples accuse Jesus of being indifferent to their fate. Jesus in response rebukes the wind and sea and calm is restored again. Fear comes upon the disciples which is a clear indication that we are in the presence of God. Then Jesus rebukes the disciples for their lack of faith, stressing for the first time the importance of faith to them. The disciples’ response is to ask themselves “Who is this person then?” Mark does not answer the question and instead invites the reader to respond. Who is this then? Mark is taking us also on a journey of discovery with the disciples. Let us enter into the spirit of exploration with Mark, becoming one of those disciples following Jesus throughout his Ministry, and see where it takes us.
God Bless you all, and stay safe. Deacon Vincent

We have the luxury of a local shopping trail in our area on the weekend of 16-18th July!
Please look up the details on their website (CLICK HERE) and keep an eye out for a map of who and where and what!
It will be an opportunity to walk around and see what talented artists and makers are in our community!
Please support our local independent business owners if you can after such a difficult year for so many traders.
And pray for good weather!

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