Well done Peter!

Here is the final update from our fundraising parishioner, Peter Taylor. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU PETER on such a wonderful achievement! You are our own, much younger, Captain Tom!

"How is the 100-mile sponsored walk going? Week 4!
We made it!!!! This is the last of my updates, and I am delighted to tell you that I COMPLETED MY 100 MILE JOURNEY sometime last Thursday!!! My total this week was 24 miles making 110 miles altogether. Yay!!!!
We have raised an astonishing £940 so far for the school and its 50-year celebration. That is nearly twice what we set out to do – thanks to your generosity. Well done everyone who contributed. Thank you all SO MUCH!!!!!
A different direction… When I started this project, one of my two aims was to honour and encourage the amazing young people who are helping our planet stay safe by walking, cycling and scooting to school. Here is a story for them, and maybe for the rest of us as well. It is a true story, published in the Jesuit Missions Annual Review for 2019.
St Joseph’s Hurst Green, in Longridge near Preston, Lancashire is the oldest, and smallest Jesuit school in the country. It is a smaller primary school, like St. Augustines.
In 2019 Lynn and Theresa from the Jesuit Missions team visited the school, and the children heard from recycling enthusiasts, the Wombles of Wimbledon Common. Workshops followed to encourage the children to think about ways they could improve efforts to care for our common home.
After hearing from the Wombles, Jeannie Wilkinson, aged 9, wrote to the local Mayor, Steve Ashcroft, in May 2019, asking that he declare Longridge a plastic free town. She wrote:
“Plastic is a disaster for our planet, because it disintegrates but it doesn’t go away completely. After it is used, it goes in the ocean or landfill… We really must do something. I ask you to declare Longridge a plastic free town.”
Mr Ashcroft met with local councillors who agreed unanimously to do it, and the initiative was launched in October 2019. He said, “The key element is the involvement of the community. It’s not going to work otherwise.” So well done Jeannie for showing what a big difference a young person can make when they speak and act in a heartfelt, courteous way.
What is the project all about?
I have been raising money to help celebrate St Augustine of Canterbury Catholic Primary School’s 50th anniversary. Any surplus will be paid over to the school fund, to be spend at the Head Teacher, Mr Hilliam’s, discretion.
From Sunday 5th July to Monday 3rd August, I’ve undertaken a sponsored walk for 3.5 miles a day, Covid 19 and my creaking knees permitting, so that I cover over 100 miles over 30 days, in and around Winterbourne where I live. I’ve been issuing a weekly progress report to let you know how it’s going!
It’s never too late to donate (but it’s getting close)!! To do that, log in to this Just Giving Website below, and click on “Donate”. Make sure to modify the donation to JustGiving itself – it is pre-set to £4.50 or more! Anything from £0.05 to £0.30 should be ample!!
I hope you enjoyed the update! Peter."
JustGiving Website: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Peter-Taylor72
Apart, yet together. #ChurchAtHome

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