Canon Frank’s latest message for us all:

"Dear friends in Christ. We are living in the most unusual of times.
Since we were allowed to open our churches from early July, the coronavirus remains active in the world. Although we are very limited to the number of people allowed at Mass, never the less, there is hope and also a lovely spirit of prayer developing. The government appears to be constantly moving the goalposts, leading many people to be over-anxious. I ask all of us to try and remain positive. Be like the optimist who looks at the glass half full rather than the pessimist who looks at the glass half empty. As long as we do our best to follow the guidelines we don’t need to panic. God always cares for the people.
Thanks to all the volunteers who are helping to make the church building a safe place to pray in. The past has gone, be positive about the future. God bless you all.
Fr Frank."
Apart, yet together. #ChurchAtHome

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