Are you missing singing hymns too?

An annual job in the office is to declare, to the Copyright companies, the hymn lyrics we have printed out in booklets for Masses, funerals, weddings etc which has reminded me today just how much I am missing singing hymns. Is anyone else missing them too?
... it reminded me of an interview the comedian Peter Kay did on Irish television years ago in which he was discussing hymns, especially the 'old favourites' from his childhood, he broke into song and the band joined in! I went searching for it and here it is... it's as funny as I remember!
CLICK HERE to watch - I think it is impossible not to join in!
Apart, yet together. #ChurchAtHome

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  1. Well I'm missing the singing for one! Peter Kay had me singing along, so expect an outbreak of Covid 19 to hit Winterbourne any minute now! More songs, please!