St Augustine's Youth Club

St Augustine's Parish run a Youth Club on a Wednesday evenings, fortnightly, for the leavers of St Augustine's school to be able to meet back together after they have gone their separate ways in secondary school. It is run by a committee of those parent's who work in teams to provide this lovely opportunity.

The Year 6`s are invited to join in July. They are then able to socialise with classmates outside of school hours. They are encouraged to return in September when they start at secondary school and are hence given a chance to see people with whom they might otherwise lose contact. We provide an environment that stimulates a growth in friendship.

We play team games, quizzes, bingo, sports and play-station games. We have at least one outing per term, such as laser quest, bowling or ice-skating.

It runs 7.30pm to 9pm every other Wednesday. 
(Membership and Subscription is needed)