Musical Talents!

The choir exists to lead the church congregation in singing at major ceremonies such as Christmas and Easter and others as required. We also sometimes attend at weddings and funerals, when requested.

The Choir holds practice and rehearsals on a Friday evening (About 8.00-9.30 pm) although rehearsals are less frequent during the summer. We welcome new members - Some knowledge of music is helpful, but not essential, the main requirement being that you are keen to sing!
If you would like to find out more or join, contact the parish office.

Cantabile is a small music group of five friends who enjoy singing and making music together. Between us we are able to sing harmonies in three parts, play violin, viola, piano, flute, clarinet and three types of recorder.
We support the music of the Mass, lead congregational singing and encourage a variety of styles of music to be tried throughout the liturgical year. We also perform at other events e.g. school assemblies, 'ladies' nights', weddings etc.
Above all we try to share the love of God through our music making and have a good time whilst doing so!
If you would like our skills for either a particular church service or another function, please contact us through the Parish Office.

The Folk Group is a blend of musicians and singers. We lead the singing during some Sunday Masses, and are available for other services, including weddings. We welcome new singers or musicians! Please contact us through the Parish Office.

Young Spirits are a talented group of our youth of the Parish who work together to provide musical accompaniment during Mass. If you have any musical talent and would like to join with other young members of the Parish then please contact the Parish Office.