Legion of Mary

The Legion offers us an opportunity through Jesus and Mary to advance in holiness, and in so doing foster the desire to be Christ’s representative in the community. It does not advocate the fulfilment of extraordinary things, but only the doing of ordinary things, extraordinarily well. Frank Duff is quoted as saying: “The Legion is Our Lady’s Spirit come to life in people”. This Spirit in-turn is made manifest in the undertaking of apostolic works.

We visit the sick and lonely, people often forgotten in a busy world. We offer them a listening ear, in what might otherwise be a silent day, and reassure them that their suffering is not in vain, but which in union with Jesus can be of infinite value.

We visit lapsed Catholics, to let them know that Jesus has not for one moment forgotten them, but yearns for their return to the Mass and Sacraments. We also visit Non-Catholics, and if the opportunity arises, they are humbly told of a treasure, based not on the luck of today’s lottery, but on the coming of Christ.

You can help us by becoming a member. The Legion offers two types of membership, Active and Auxiliary. The former is open to all from 18 onwards, and involves members attending a weekly meeting for prayer, planning and discussion in a friendly setting on how we can best serve the community. The visits are undertaken later in the week, in pairs, and would be of a nature comfortable to that of each of the member’s ability. Auxiliary membership is confined to the saying of the Rosary, and the Legion prayers on a daily basis for Our Lady’s Intentions. Auxiliary membership is considered an indispensable part of the Legion family.

We hold meetings throughout the year. For further information contact John Jordan