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"LIVE SIMPLY" Group minutes ~ Friday 27th May 2022.

* 'Stitch it, don't ditch up' group is up and running, 4 people came and had a relaxed hour of mending, and we meet again on 9th June between 2.0 and 3.30. We plan to meet on 2nd Thursday of the month.
*Gardening in the parish grounds has a weekly meet at 9am till 10am, come when you can, so we can get some order with the overwhelming brambles etc, and so we can plant wildflowers with more success. Anyone welcome.
*There is a 'School Community Action Day' on 11th June, which may be an opportunity to help with developing the school grounds and children's awareness of the climate and creation.
*We have a provisional date for the parish walk on Saturday 9th July, which may or may not run on into the Prayer Group retreat day. It will start at 9.30 from St John Fisher and be about 6kms, accessible and beautiful. Thanks Joyce.
* Joyce, Moira and I are going to Hazelnut Community Farm tomorrow which is a church based round growing and sharing. Report back next time.

* In one of many climate meetings I attended, David Ko and Richard Busselato are financiers who have innovative ideas on the new economics needed, without jettisoning capitalism! They have a book, the Unsustainable Truth, which I am getting. They are actually doubtful that we can keep below 1.5, as are many climate scientists, we have wasted so much time. Their message is the climate crisis is happening now, hurricanes in Gernmany, unbearable heat in India 50+ and floods in Bangladesh, and will get much worse. It is essential we all cut down on energy use. However they have three cheerful things for everyone to do:
+Slow down - particularly postpone buying stuff, until you really need it, this way we stop the flow of stuff that we have to take to the tip or charity shop. We are using too much stuff. I have taken to giving as presents nice things I have rather than buying new, and I have not bought new clothes for nearly three years, I have mended and made some....
+Do less,- they are promoting June 12th as Lazy Sunday, do nothing, enjoy, rest, relax.
+Keep your sense of humour! - it isnt up to us to save the world but we can live better in it.
* This time of year, we can freely plant and produce share after Mass, as Hazelnut says, generosity is a gospel value, so if people want to give to charity they can but we share freely.
* The Laudato Si film is coming out, showing all the activity all over the world in faith and other communities. It will be available for private viewing at the end of the year, and we look forward to showing it in the parish.
* The Season of Creation is coming up, September 1 to October 4, and since we don't know what is happening after Fr Frank goes, we must make provisional plans and be flexible.
* Walk to COP27 is a virtual walk with 'townhalls' in 14 city stopping places on the way to Sharm el Sheik. This will be exciting to be part of and easier to do than walking in the flesh!
* We prayed at the beginning and end, and I was really struck by how much more serious the situation is than when we started. So congratulations to all of us who have been trying to 'Llive Simply', and be full of courage and determination, in spite of all that seems to be happening, that doing the right thing is the right thing to do!
Thank you all so much,
~Should anyone wish to join the "Live Simply" group, please make contact with Bella directly or through the parish office~

St Augustine's Primary School - Community Action Day 

Please c
an you spare a couple of hours to help us create an improved outside environment at Augustine’s Primary School? On Saturday 11th June (9.00am – 3.00pm) 

Any help with a range of fence painting and gardening / wildlife area planting activities would be greatly appreciated.  

Tea / coffee and light refreshments provided.

World Youth Day 2023

Clifton Diocese Dept for Adult Education & Evangelisation have organised three information sessions regarding #WorldYouthDay2023 in Lisbon.

These sessions will provide information about both the pilgrimage itself and the formation series leading up to the pilgrimage. The pilgrimage is for people aged 18-35 (18 years old by April 2023). We invite any young adults to join, even if they are unsure as to whether they want to go on the WYD Pilgrimage at this stage.
The dates for the info sessions are:
Tuesday June 7th – 7pm
Thursday June 9th – 7pm
Wednesday June 15th – 7pm

For your young people to sign up for one of the sessions, please ask them to email and let us know which session they would like to attend. These sessions will be on Microsoft Teams. If they are 18 by April 2023 but are not yet, please let us know so we can send a simple consent form.

St Gregory's Summer Open Mornings

Open Mornings which will be from 9am until 11am on Tuesday 21, Wednesday 22 and Thursday 23 June.
All visitors must book an appointment in advance via the school website at:

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