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Parish Pastoral Council (PPC)

Click this link to see the latest minutes from the PPC meeting which took place last week.

Thank you to all the members of the PPC who are giving their time and efforts for the future of the Parish.

St Augustine's "HELP YOURSELF" store! For 1 week only!

Our 'Clear Out Morning' last weekend was fantastic!
Thank you to all 8 of you who helped us sort through many, many years of things that had built up in various unused storerooms.

In amongst the 'clutter' were also many items that had been kindly donated over the years but that the parish can't use anymore and they were too good to throw away...

So, we turned the church shop into a "HELP YOURSELF" store!
Some religious items and some regular things - from vases to icons, from old lost property to statues - all pre-loved and ready for someone to give a new home to. Lots of things were taken to their new homes last weekend which was fantastic to see.
Open before and after both Masses this weekend for the final time.
Come along, have a look, help yourself!

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