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Roll up! Roll up! The Circus is coming to town!

Not long now until our 50th Celebrations for the Primary school begin...
Whether you have young kids who will love it, whether you or your kids used to come to St Augustine's school and want to reminisce about the old days whilst having a night out after so long apart, whether you are a member of the Church community or whether you live near to the school, you are all invited to come along!
Please purchase your ticket using the online details below or print and complete this form (or collect one pre-printed from the parish office) to get your tickets.
Let's all take this opportunity to get back together in a safe environment for a fun evening - not just for the kids!
God bless
Fr Frank

A message from "Retrouvaille"

Covid 19—a very challenging time for many marriages.
"So much uncertainty around, health, income, employment, vulnerable family members, children, housing. Different ways of seeing things, coping with change, managing fears can be a source of conflict and stress. It can be difficult to talk, to listen to support and comfort when there is so much uncertainty. Being together all the time, brings different challenges. You wonder would we be better apart?
Retrouvaille is a programme to support couples, it brings a positive focus, new hope and helps nourish and grow your marriage ….and you don’t need to leave home, it comes to you!
For confidential information about Retrouvaille’, or to register for the next programme, a Virtual weekend commencing 24th October 21st- 2021 Call or text 086 8211795. "
Email: – or visit

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