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A message from our Diocese:

Virtual Pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of Lourdes.
Unfortunately, we are unable to travel to Lourdes once again this year, but we shall all be at the Sanctuary spiritually.
During the week from 20th August to 27th August, we shall be joined together virtually on our website with various events.
The Grotto of the apparitions is the heart of the Sanctuary and is a place of prayer, hope, peace, respect, unity, and silence. The spring and the statue of Our Lady of Lourdes within it are the centre of prayer for all pilgrims.

Prayer Petitions:
Amongst other events, we shall be joining the Lourdes Chaplains in the Grotto, as they pray the Rosary in English on Tuesday 24th August 2021 at 3:00 pm. There will be a special candle lit for Clifton Diocese and the pilgrims at this time. If anyone would like their intentions to be prayed for during this Rosary, please send your petitions and I will pass them to the Grotto for inclusion on the altar. Please send any prayer requests to

Spotlight on our Parish Projects, past and present.

Grassroots Suicide Prevention charity is our current Parish Project.
Please remember in your prayers all who work for this charity and especially anyone who feels so overwhelmed with life that they have the darkest thoughts and need help. We pray to God that they will find some light in the darkness and find the support they need to realise there is another choice.

We thank Petra Jordan, who nominated them, for keeping the project going by selling various items throughout the last year.
A recent message from Petra: "Thanks to all who made a donation recently totalling £29.34. Every little helps. I am willing to make 4” Christmas cakes and individual or larger Christmas puddings again this year. Please call 9570239 to place your order. Thanks. From Petra."
If you wish to look more into the work of Grassroots, please check out their facebook page/website and maybe consider making an online donation.

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