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HRH Prince Philip RIP

Sharing a lovely poem by Fr Mark Skelton from the Diocese of Plymouth.
A poem from Fr Mark Skelton in tribute to HRH The Prince Philip.
Prince Philip. RIP.
The head that did not wear the crown,
But sought to lighten its demand.
The one who, when her heart was full,
Could bring a smile, would hold her hand.
His role to stand behind the throne,
To help the girl, the queen, his wife.
But now he stands before the King
Who'll welcome him to fullest life
May his soul, and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, Rest In Peace.

A Message from South Gloucestershire Council
We recognise that many people will want to express their sadness at the passing of HRH Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh in their own way. The council’s book of condolence can be found at
In lieu of placing flowers, Buckingham Palace has asked that people consider donating to one of the charities with which Prince Philip was associated. We do understand the enormous financial pressures that the current situation is placing on some people and nobody should feel obliged to donate
If you do wish to place flowers, the Council will make a place available in both Page Park in Staple Hill and in Kingswood Park.
Alternatively, in recognition of his distinguished military service and long association with the forces, you may wish to place flowers at your local war memorial, in a safe way.
We will leave any flowers left safely in place for a period before relocating them to an appropriate, public location.

Dare to Dream

Clifton Diocese "Dare to Dream" programme continues, looking at 'embracing uncertainty', reflecting the experiences of the disciples...

You can see the whole programme on the Diocese website. CLICK HERE for the latest videos and resources
Or you can read the update here CLICK FOR THE PRINTED VERSION

Diocesan Virtual Lourdes Pilgrimage
~ a message from Clifton Diocese ~
"Friday 16th April is the Feast Day of St Bernadette Soubirous, so as part of our own ongoing virtual pilgrimage Monseigneur Liam Slattery will be celebrating a livestream Mass at 7:00 pm, please join us through the Clifton Diocese website at"

Thank you to Deacon Vincent for your reflections for 2nd Sunday of Easter Year B

~ Divine Mercy Sunday
1st Reading Acts of the Apostles 4: 32-35
Luke gives us a brief summary of the way the early church interpreted their calling, it is a charming image of the way everything was held in common, but it is a very idealistic image, we know that some abused this generosity. It is quite significant that the oldest church became known as the poor ones, as eventually, their wealth ran out; but they continued to share whatever little they had with those less fortunate. There is a lesson to be cherished by those of us today, who struggle to find our way or role in life. It might be that we just need to be aware of the needs of our fellow travellers on the Way, that Jesus prepared for us.
Psalm 117
It is a great invitation to praise God, and we encounter the stone which the builders rejected phrase, one we come across as we read the Gospels. It s a psalm that reminds us that God is for all of us, Jew and gentile.
2nd Reading from 1st letter of St. John 5: 1-6.
What kind of letter is this? Some scholars believe it is a commentary on St. John’s Gospel. It emphasises the humanity of Jesus, just in case reading John’s Gospel we underplay that humanity of Jesus. But it is important to keep an open mind on what this letter is trying to open for us. Remember that “we saw and we are testifying he appeared to us, despite his closeness with God himself.” Let us rejoice and be glad in this wonderful period of the Resurrection. Alleluia!!
The Holy Gospel according to John 20: 19-31.
We need to comprehend that the disciples were afraid, did not believe in the resurrection, and needed this jolt of encountering the Risen Jesus to affirm their belief and enable them to proclaim to us, what God is offering us through Jesus Christ. We encounter the Holy Spirit, as the very breath of Jesus. The Holy Spirit is Jesus’ life breathing and living within us. The mission is to forgive sins, not condemn, and retain those sins which people do not want forgiven. Our mission is to enable those who desire to live with God’s Son to be set free from guilt and sin and become a new life, alive with the life of Jesus himself, within us. We are told why the Gospel is written for us and the object is that we come to belief that “Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing this we may have life through his name.
We rely upon his Divine Mercy for our Salvation. Alleluia, Alleluia!!
God Bless you All,
Alleluia, Alleluia!!
Deacon Vincent

Global Healing
"Tiny actions, done by millions, create change. Our actions start and are fuelled by our love of God’s creation. We need dramatic changes by 2030 to avert a climate crisis." Please take some time to look through the outcomes of the Global Healing meetings, giving us all a toolkit with some reflections, prayers and positive actions we can all take to make a difference to our struggling world.
CLICK HERE to bring up the interactive report - with links to films, useful websites, music etc to help.
Thank you to Bella Harding for keeping us so well informed.

Resound Food Bank
Here is the latest list if anyone wishes to support our local foodbank and a reminded of where/when to donate items.
Thank you

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