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Prayer for COVID19 recovery
We ask all our parishioners to stop for a moment and pray for all those who are currently ill with COVID-19.
We pray to God for their recovery and healing and also for their families and friends who may not be able to support them in the way they would wish to, due to the restrictions.

We ask this through Christ, our Lord.

Preparing for Lent
Reminder - We will be bringing you a special Liturgy by Fr Frank on Ash Wednesday at approx 11am on our website.

A great list of Lenten ideas from CTS - in a time where so many are already giving up so much, maybe we can look at Lent in a different way this year in order to be closer to God in preparation for Easter.

"Lent is almost upon us and you may be wondering - in a world where we have all given up so much already, how can you possibly give up anything else? If you're finding life tough at the moment, here are 6 suggestions to help you get closer to the Lord during Lent in lockdown:

🍽️ Don't force yourself to give up more than you can manage. Fasting isn't about making you miserable but directing your heart more towards God.
📖️ Treat yourself to a new Lenten book. The right spiritual book can help transform your heart towards God.
📿 Pray the rosary more often. The closer you are to Mary, the closer you will be to Jesus.
📱 Consider spending less time on social media. If you want to be less distracted, more focused, and to find God in the present moment, being on social media less will help.
🙏 Pray more for others. You could pray for those you miss or for those who are trying your patience; you could pray for Pope Francis' monthly prayer intentions, for the sick, for the dead, for keyworkers.
🤗 Don't be too hard on yourself. Lent will probably be a struggle for most people this year regardless of fasting. Ultimately, remember that fasting isn't a measure of your willpower and that it should always be more about God than about you.
Do you have any other suggestions for Lent in lockdown?
To find nourishment this Lent, find our selection of Lenten spiritual reading here: "

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