Confirmation 2022

Confirmation 2022:
After a successful programme and lovely celebration Mass last month, here are a few words from programme organiser Ann Marie Feldman.

"Thank you to Bishop Declan for celebrating the sacrament of Confirmation on Thursday 9th June. It was a wonderful celebration for the 35 young people who chose to commit themselves to their faith as they were confirmed. It was a pleasure to see each and every one of them confidently stand to say ’they were ready and willing’ to be confirmed.

As a parish family, we pray that the Holy Spirit will strengthen and enlighten them as they continue their spiritual journey. May their faith in God flourish as they grow into adulthood. Let the fruits of the spirit shine through their actions. Come Holy Spirit and fill their hearts. Let them know your love and help them to live life to the full with the guidance and support of you.

The Confirmation Mass was solemn and beautiful and we offer a big thank you to everyone who made the evening a big success - Bishop Declan, Fr Frank and Fr Jim, Deacons Mike, Vince & Kevin, music by Chantal, Patricia and Nigel, Bernadette, ushers, parishioners who organised the gathering afterwards, and all the friends and family that came to support them.

After the difficulties of the past few years, it really was uplifting as well as emotional, to be able to celebrate this sacrament together again as parishes in Communion.

We, as catechists, would like to congratulate all the young people who received this sacrament and would like to say how proud we are of how hard they have worked to prepare for this evening. Your smiling faces said it all!

Well done to all of you. Remember you are the church of tomorrow."

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