Canon Frank's Easter Message

Canon Frank's Easter Message:

"Dear Friends in Christ.
Greetings & Peace to all people of goodwill.
The last 2 years have been difficult for many people & the virus is still with us (a fact I know all too well having recovered from it myself recently.) We continue to pray for all those affected by the pandemic in our parish and all over the world.
We must be optimistic about the future as we celebrate, once again, the Easter Mystery of our Lord’s Passion, Death & Resurrection.
This is Good News, indeed it is Great News!
Without the gift of faith our lives would be empty.
As we celebrate Easter, we thank God the Father for sending His Son into the world to redeem mankind from the slavery of sin and we remember that to be a good Christian we need to love Jesus Christ and we need to love our ‘neighbour’. There is no shortcut to the Kingdom of God.
I hope you all have a great Easter as we continue our journey in faith together.
Happy Easter to all God’s people!
God bless you all - Canon Frank"


A Reminder of the service times for this Holy Week.

~Thurs 14th April – 8pm – Maundy Thursday Mass

~Good Friday 15th April
11am - Children’s Stations of the Cross
with cuppa & hot cross buns after, in the hall
3pm – Celebration of the Passion of the Lord

~Easter Saturday – 8.30pm – Easter Vigil Mass

~Easter Sunday – 9.30am – Mass of Easter Day Celebrating the Resurrection of Our Lord.
You are all very welcome to attend all/any of the services, celebrating the mysteries of Holy Week and the Celebration of The Risen Christ at Easter!
May God bless you all.
Canon Frank

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