"Canterbury Belles" A review with special guest of honour!

On Sunday 13th May a very special tribute was paid to Deacon Peter Hinchey, in celebration of 40 years since the birth of 'Canterbury Belles', the long running show from the Scouts & Guides organisations and the Parish.
Graham Williams produced a review DVD for us all to watch in 2 parts - with an interval - just like in the show, with so many acts from over the years for us to remember.
We saw lots of singing, dancing, acting (?!), forgetting of words and laughs, fondly remembering those who took part in the show who are no longer with us.
The school hall was filled with well wishers who gave grateful thanks to Peter for all the hard work in writing, producing and co-coordinating over such a long time.
The Belles themselves even made a surprise appearance for Peter having been promoted to Ladies in Waiting for Meghan Markle!
After the event, Peter spoke of his own fond memories of the show and gave thanks to those who closely helped him to bring the show together over the years.

Peter says: "Having written so much material for Canterbury Belles from 1978–2011, I am now lost for words as I try to compose my appreciation for the tribute in my honour on Sunday 13th. More than anyone, I am fully aware of all the planning and preparatory work that goes into an event and this makes me all the more appreciative of the units and supporters for such wonderful memories that I could share with so many of you. In the tradition of the gang shows I mention no names as all involved are in stars in their own right. We are all equal, as in the eyes of God, and each one is important so I ask God to bless each and every one of you. Deacon Peter."

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