Extraordinary Meeting of the Synod of Bishops - have your say...

Pope Francis has called an Extraordinary Meeting of the Synod of Bishops for October 2014 regarding questions over Pastoral challenges facing family life today. The conclusions of which will be taken to the General Synod in 2015.

Our Diocese, as with Diocese' all over the world, are looking to gather opinions from their people so that as many people as possible are actively involved with the preparation of the meeting.

We have attached below a few links which include; 
the online questionnaire which will give your thoughts, opinions and hopes directly to the main data:
the Lineamenta giving more information and background to the questions that will be discussed;
plus a copy of the questionnaire should a word or paper version be needed.

Click here to view the paper version of the questionnaire

The deadline for all responses is Saturday 30th November 2013 which we realise is quite a short period of time, however, it will be wonderful if as many of us can have a say as possible.

The questionnaire can be completed as an individual, a family or as a parish group.

If you know of someone who would like to express an opinion but has no access to the internet, please offer to complete it on their behalf, or maybe to print the paper version above for them to send to Anne-Mare Sparrow C/O St Ambrose, North Road, Leigh Woods, Bristol, BS8 3PW or paper copies will be available from the Parish Office.